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The Neo FreeRunner (GTA02)

The Neo FreeRunner is the second phone designed by Openmoko Inc. to run Openmoko softwares. It is a Linux-based touchscreen smartphone whose production began in June 2008. Its predecessor was the Neo 1973 (GTA01) commercialized in Summer 2007. The Neo FreeRunner (GTA02) is the device for which we have developed the GeoSharing application.

The main specifications of the Neo FreeRunner are:

The Neo FreeRunner has two external buttons and three connectors

Chap1-openmoko-2.jpg Chap1-openmoko-3.jpg

1) The power button is used to switch the device on or off. A brief press on the button powers on the device. A long press on the button shuts it down.

2) The USB connector is used for two purposes:

3) The external GPS antenna connector can be used to plug an external antenna in to improve the reception quality. Due to the smallness of the Neo FreeRunner (and its components such as the Wi-Fi and GPS antennas), the GPS accuracy is quite limited. The reception quality is thus improved when an external GPS antenna is plugged in.

4) The aux button is used in combination with the power button to access the boot menu and to browse the items of this menu.

5) The 2.5mm phone jack connector allows users to plug an headphone set in.

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