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From an end-user standpoint, the GeoSharing application is easy to use. When the Neo FreeRunner is booted on the SHR operating system (and if the GeoSharing application is installed), the main screen displays icons of already installed applications. The user can choose to launch different applications such as the dialer, settings, a terminal, etc. One of those applications is tangoGPS. This application is called GPS & Maps on the main screen. If the user clicks on the GPS & Maps icon, tangoGPS is launched and a loading message appears at the bottom of the screen until tangoGPS is runnning.

Chap6-screen1.png Chap6-screen2.png

Once tangoGPS is running, the user can see the map of the Earth. Usual features such as zoom in and zoom out are accessible in the black bar on top of the screen. A brief press on the screen makes the menu appear. This menu shows several entries. In the sub-menu of the Plugins entry, the user can select GeoSharing. When the button is clicked, tangoGPS launches the GeoSharing application.

Chap6-screen3.png Chap6-screen4.png

If there are other devices running the GeoSharing application in the radio range, the application running on the user's device automatically connects to the network. The application also begins to share the position of the device with the other users and displays the other users positions on the map.


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